Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

It’s hard, sometimes, to find the best fit for a therapy dog. Our dog, Hathaway, wasn’t that fond of being read to and we switched therapy jobs from a R.E.A.D. program to Animal Assisted Therapy at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. But my husband and I saw firsthand the progress and breakthroughs that come with reading to dogs.

Lisa Papp is both author and illustrator of the heartwarming picture book.  Madeline Finn does NOT like to read.  Her voice is reduced to a whisper over her fear of making mistakes. Other students get stars for their work, but never Madeline Finn. All that changes after she starts reading aloud to Bonnie, the library dog.IMG_1023


  • Pre-school or elementary aged kids who struggle with reading,
  • Elementary classrooms in general, to help ot
    her kids understand the struggle their peers may have in
    learning to read, and
  • Therapy dog reading programs!


FAVORITE LINE: She puts her big paws in my lap and lets me pet her until I figure it out.



Publisher:      PeachTree (2016)

Age range:      5-8 (K-3)

Pages:             32






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