In the Garden

I’m happiest outside, listening to the birds while I dig in the dirt. The loss of three billion (3,000,000,000!!!) birds in the last half century has me incredibly concerned, and I’ve been researching conservation efforts that have worked. These days, I’m working hard to plant natives, to try to provide a habitat for birds and insects.

Bird Resources:

10 Things You Can Do for Birds, from Audubon

10 Ways to Help Birds, from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Top Ways You Can Help Birds, from the American Bird Conservancy

Six Ways to Support Wild Birds at Home, from the National Wildlife Foundation

Rose Resources:

As a member of the Denver Rose Society, I’m always learning about best practices and techniques for keeping plants thriving. I hope that you find some of my articles and posts helpful.

A Rose Named Peace tells the story behind Barbara Carroll Robert’s picture book about this amazing rose.

A Labor of Patience provides season-by-season management techniques for Japanese Beetles.

The Roses to Plant gives a list of roses that have been less affected by Japanese Beetles in Colorado trials.

Practically Perfect are the ideal roses for a Colorado garden and their secrets for success.