Climate Science

I believe that climate change is the single biggest problem facing the world, and I look at everything through that lens. Because of human-caused climate change, we are in the midst of the sixth major extinction period, marking the end of so many species of plants and animals. But I continue to have hope. I write stories where efforts do make a difference, and change the world for the better.

ENERGY FROM THE EARTH examines the history and use of geothermal energy, the pros and cons of the technology, and next steps for this important energy source. This book also includes a table of contents, an infographic, informative sidebars, a “That’s Amazing” special feature, quiz questions, a glossary, additional resources, and an index. This Focus Readers title is at the Navigator level, aligned to reading levels of grades 3-5 and interest levels of grades 4-7.

Northstar Editions, Focus Readers

January 1, 2022.  ISBN-13: 978-1637390580

Reading age: 8-12 years. Grade level: 4-6. Lexile: 660L 

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Using Engineering to Fight Climate Change (Fighting Climate Change With Science)

Tackling climate change will involve everyone, including the engineers. This book delves into the science behind climate change, explores some of the ways that engineers are working to find solutions, and examines the challenges they face.

Northstar Editions, Focus Readers

August 1, 2022.

ISBN: 978-1637393284 (paperback edition)

Reading Age: 9-12 years

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