Human-Animal Bond

Our family began raising service dogs for Canine Companions in 2006. That window on the complexity of the human-animal bond was fascinating and life-changing. Today, my husband and I continue to volunteer in that field, working with the Prescription Pet program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Over the years, we have also done reading programs at elementary schools and de-stress sessions at colleges. We’ve participated in research studies on the effect of therapy dogs on kids with autism and attended conference on the human animal bond. And I’ve written a number of magazine articles for children and adults about the incredible power of animals on human brains and health.

Tales for Tails explores the gains kids make in reading when they are paired with a canine reading buddy.

A Perfect Match outlines the process of finding just the right job for an extraordinary dog.

Animals on my Mind explains the chemical changes in our brains when we are with furry friends.

How Did She Know? tells the story of a event that is behind our human senses and understanding.

Facility Dog 101 provides an explanation of Facility Dogs and some of the challenges facing facility dog handlers.

Susan Wroble and therapy dog Nella; Photo credit: Scott Dressel Martin, 2019