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Since 2007, I have led a Denver-area support group for parents, teachers, and caregivers of Twice-Exceptional children — people who are both highly gifted and have multiple learning differences. Many are on the autism spectrum, others have a laundry list of diagnoses, and still others fall into that category of quirky wiring. “Children” is a misnomer, as the group has been going on so long that many of the original students are now adults, and some of those parents are still regulars at the meetings. That longevity had provided a wealth of knowledge about things to try.

We meet monthly, on the second Wednesdays, at 11:30am. Since Covid, the meetings have been virtual. The basic format is that the attendees discuss whatever the current challenge is, and if others have suggestions, they offer them. Common topics of discussion include school accommodations, mental health, and resources. 

If you are interested in attending, please contact me at SBMWroble(at)gmail(dot)com for the meeting link. 


One of the best resources our group has found is Dr. John Seaman’s “Interventions for Cognitive and Academic Deficits.” This is an old document, but incredible. It is worth downloading and printing the entire 60-some pages, then studying before every IEP or 504 meeting, as your child’s needs will change over time. For example, this document goes far beyond the standard of giving extra time for students with processing speed deficits. Other suggested accommodations include reducing the volume of writing or copying, making adjustments in the length of homework assignments, and summarizing information orally.

Another “oldie but goodie” indispensable reference book is Dr. Scott Shannon’s book PLEASE DON’T LABEL MY CHILD. While I disagree with the title because our educational system requires labels to access support, I rely on the guidance in the book itself and the appendices in the back. They are a great place to start on recommendations for vitamins and supplements to help with various conditions like ADHD or anxiety or depression.


Online addiction is an ongoing struggle for families with Twice-Exceptional children, and I welcomed the opportunity to learn even more about this challenging topic as I researched and wrote the book ONLINE ADDICTION for Brightpoint Press. Gaming, social media, and internet use can be great ways to relax and have fun, but they can also become addictive and unhealthy.

Brightpoint Press. March 7, 2022. 

ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1678202446

Grade level: 7-9

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NIGHT SHIFT by Debi Gliori is one of those books that I give to people, children and adults, when they are in the midst of depression. I love this book mostly because it is own voice, and it instills hope—because, as Debi knows, the darkness lifts.