You Are Never Alone

By Elin Kelsey, Illustrated by Soyeon Kim

Climate issues can seem daunting, but Elin Kelsey chooses to look through a lens of hope. The founder of the nonprofit Ocean Optimism, she is an award-winner speaker, author and educator on hope and the environment. Kelsey’s book YOU ARE NEVER ALONE (OwlKids Books, 2019) is a lyrical, joyous ode to the interconnectedness of the world. “You gobble fruits from plants pollinated by bats in the twilight and bees in the day… You devour fish who ate tiny plankton fertilized by poop from whales in the sea.” I especially value her tribute to the dogs and cats that share our homes and our lives, with the rush of love they generate. The illustrations by Korean artist Soyeon Kim uses both sketching and painting to create three-D dioramas of bright, colorful worlds that pull you in. 


  • Any preschool or elementary school read-aloud,
  • An introduction to ecology and the interconnectedness of the world, and 
  • Animal Reading therapy teams!

FAVORITE LINE: “Gaze into your dog’s eyes and you both feel a rush of love. Just thinking about your cat soothes lonely times.”


Publisher:       OwlKids Books (2019)

Age range:      Pre-3 (Grade Levels)

Pages:             32