Hathaway: How Did She Know?

Summer, 2019 One Friday this summer, I was giving a presentation with Hathaway to the student researchers at the University of Colorado —  specifically, for those working at the Gary Pavilion, in the psychiatric unit. This is a completely separate building from the main Children’s Hospital, but the same parking lot. I was annoyed at … Continue reading Hathaway: How Did She Know?

CHESTER and GUS, by Cammie McGovern

Having raised six service dog puppies, I know only too well the challenges of those dogs needing a change of career. In Chester and Gus, Chester, the chocolate lab whose fear of loud noises kept him from becoming a service dog, is chosen to be the companion for Gus, a non-verbal boy with autism. The … Continue reading CHESTER and GUS, by Cammie McGovern

Elizabeth Holman and “Facility Dog 101”

First published in PeEmail, the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Canine Companions for Independence newsletter, April 2019 Colorado’s Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) village has known Elizabeth Holman first as a puppy raiser, then as a graduate team — first with facility dog Waffle, and now with Tootsie. Professionally, however, she’s Dr. Elizabeth Holman, Palliative Care Psychologist … Continue reading Elizabeth Holman and “Facility Dog 101”

Therapy Animal Opportunities in Denver

If there are two words that puppy raisers often dread, it’s “The Call.” Your pup is being released from the service dog program. The great news is that these dogs can continue to make a difference. You and your pup now have the opportunity to become a therapy team. The commitment varies, but is typically … Continue reading Therapy Animal Opportunities in Denver