Nutty for Newberys

My January tradition isn’t getting into shape, losing weight, or becoming organized.  Instead, I watch for the American Library Association announcements, and get my hands on the latest Newbery Award winning book as fast as I can. I’ve loved the Newberys since I was old enough to read them. This award, given to “the most … More Nutty for Newberys

Getting into Roses

 My package had made it through the airport scanner, and the agent at Washington Dulles airport frowned. He took out his knife and sliced open my carefully taped box. Rummaging through the clothes and shoes and books, he pulled out a ziplock bag containing a wet paper towel wrapped around a muddy ball.    “This” … More Getting into Roses

“Team Waffle”

Six years ago, around Christmas of 2010, Elizabeth Holman, a Palliative Care Psychologist at the Veteran’s Administration, said it was as if a switch flipped in her brain.  She and her spouse Diane Brookshire had been raising CCI puppies for about eight years, but suddenly Elizabeth knew that it was time to put her focus … More “Team Waffle”

A Labor of Patience: Carol O’Meara on Japanese Beetles

Carol O’Meara is a horticultural entomologist and an extension agent in Colorado, but she grew up on the East Coast. When she and her siblings got into trouble, her family had chores for each kid. Carol’s job was picking Japanese beetles from the roses. “I spent a LOT of time picking off Japanese beetles,” Carol … More A Labor of Patience: Carol O’Meara on Japanese Beetles