Chris Hinds and Porthos

UPDATE!!! Congratulations to Chris and Porthos — Chris won the run-off election for Denver City Council in June 2019. We look forward to his work to make Denver a city for all.    In the coming months, Denver residents may be hearing a lot about Chris Hinds — and seeing photos of Chris with his … Continue reading Chris Hinds and Porthos

Party with a Purpose: Janette Lawler

Janette Lawler received her first CCI dog in November of 1997, five years and a day after the accident that left her paralyzed from the neck down. At the time, Janette was somewhat unique in the CCI family in that they hadn’t placed dogs with someone with as high of an injury level as she … Continue reading Party with a Purpose: Janette Lawler

“Team Waffle”

Six years ago, around Christmas of 2010, Elizabeth Holman, a Palliative Care Psychologist at the Veteran’s Administration, said it was as if a switch flipped in her brain.  She and her spouse Diane Brookshire had been raising CCI puppies for about eight years, but suddenly Elizabeth knew that it was time to put her focus … Continue reading “Team Waffle”